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Yueqing Yu Thai plastic manufacturing limited is a professional production and sales various distribution line equipment of enterprise, main has various high quality of nylon tied with, and stainless steel tied with, and steel nail line card, and wiring Terminal, and line cap, and buckle rubber needle, and cable spiral joint, and distribution line slot, and wire logo number tube, and winding tube, and beam with fixed seat (positioning tablets) wire fixed clip, and cold pressure Terminal, electronic class plastic annex,; products widely application Yu power, and machine, and engineering installation, and packaging, and mechanical industry, and automation equipment and the communications, and Electrical and computer industries. Nylon is widely used in various other occasions the need for banding. As an ideal material for banding, nylon cable ties has brought about great convenience to our daily life.

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There are a variety of high quality nylon, stainless steel cable tie, nail clips, terminals, wire caps, spiral buckle plastic needles, cable connectors, wiring trough, pipe, wire identification number tube, a beam with fixed seat (film) wire clamp, cold Terminal electronic plastic attachment...



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